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              The VETSports Nation in Action!  

Check out what our fellow veterans are doing around the country to stay active! 
Send photos and highlights of your MVPs for a chance to be nominated as our VETSports Athlete of the week  here!

Warriors baseball team photo    Veteran wit amputeed leg scores a homerun.     Vetsports baseball team photo(Muti-photo pack) Photo 1, Warriors baseball team photo; Photo 2, Child in wheelchair being set up to hit tee ball; Photo 2, Child in wheelchair being pushed across homebase; Photo 4, Wounded Warriors baseball team photo; Photo 5, Homerun hit by the Vetsports baseball team.  Veterans working tee time.Wounded Warrior taking rifle shotsVetsports volleyball team slamming over the net.(Muti-Photo pack) Photo 1, Wounded warrior up to bat; Photo 2,Wounded warrior making epic catch #Vetsports; Photo3, Wounded warrior making on the run catch in the baseball out-field.Vetsports veteran, towing the line (carrying heavy boulder to finish line) in Spartan Race.

Randy Tharp with the Obama presidental family.

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